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Effective Interventions

This page is intended for STD programs, community-based organizations, and other groups aiming to reduce STDs.

CDC’s Division of STD Prevention and partners published evidence for the effectiveness of various STD control interventions for today’s STD program staff. In a time with fewer resources and more prevention options than ever before, this information offers a menu of options to help programs identify which interventions best meet their needs.

The special supplement is available in Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Users may also link to sections of the supplement from the hyperlinked URLs below. In addition to an introduction to the special issue, three of the articles summarize cross-cutting programmatic concerns: assessment, program evaluation, and predicting the impact of interventions. Nine additional articles focus on a mix of traditional and broader STD interventions.  


Effective Interventions to Reduce Sexually Transmitted Disease: Introduction to the Special Issue


Assessment: A Core Function for Implementing Effective Interventions in Sexually Transmitted Disease Control Programs

Interventions to Improve Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening in Clinic-Based Settings

Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening Outside the Clinic—Implications for the Modern Sexually Transmitted Disease Program


Predicting the Marginal Impact of Interventions—Issues and Challenges


Program Evaluation for Sexually Transmitted Disease Programs: In Support of Effective Interventions

School-Based Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening: Review and Programmatic Guidance

Partner Services in Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Programs: A Review

The Expedited Partner Therapy Continuum: A Conceptual Framework to Guide Programmatic Efforts to Increase Partner Treatment

Linkage and Referral to HIV and Other Medical and Social Services: A Focused Literature Review for Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention and Control Programs

Health Communication and Social Marketing Campaigns for Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention and Control: What Is the Evidence of their Effectiveness?

The Role of Behavioral Counseling in Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Program Settings

Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Policies in the United States: Evidence and Opportunities