Please note, some of the examples in the Appendices may be outdated and may have changed. Those changes may not be reflected in this document.

Courtesy of Los Angeles County STD

(Some steps may vary slightly based on your data management system):

Step 1. Partner Elicitation during OP Original Interview

  • Elicit screen names & corresponding websites (e.g. Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Gay.com) and emails of sex partners. Exact spellings are necessary!!!
  • Elicit physical descriptions of those internet partners

Step 2. Cutting field records for each Internet partner

  • Create patient records for each Internet partner.
  • Cut field records for each Internet partner and assign it to the IPS coordinator. ***Field Records will only be cut if the OP is a confirmed case**

Step 3. Preparatory Work

  • Confirm that OP Interview Record has the “# Internet Partners” >0.
  • Confirm that P1 is not in the system (check First Name, Last Name, and AKA).
  • Confirm that P1 has name recorded as “<<screenname>>@website” “Internet”. If not, make necessary changes.
  • In the P1’s Field Record, under the Field Records page, indicate that the P1 is Internet Initiated with a “Yes, Manhunt” (or “Yes, email”) in the IPS field.

Step 4. Preparatory Work in the Website

  • Use the website search feature to locate the sexual partner you want to communicate with. It must be the exact same spelling as was provided by the OP.
  • Once the profile is found, confirm that the demographic information provided by the OP matches the description in the profile. If there are considerable differences that cannot be reconciled, do not send an email.

Step 5. First Communication

  • As practice, send an email to yourself beforehand to see how the email will look—Adam4Adam has character limit and some font issues!
  • Locate the P1 profile.
  • Cut and paste “Email 1” from IPS Protocol to the website. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE P1’S SCREENNAME!!!
  • Replace “<<screenname>>” in the greeting with the P1’s screen name.
  • Proofread email.
  • One final time, compare P1’s screen name in the email to that in the profile to that in the Field Record.
  • Send Email 1.
  • Note in the Field Record and the log sheet that email was sent.

Step 6a. Written Response from P1

  • Print a copy of the response and attach it to the P1’s file.
  • Save an electronic copy of the response.
  • Send the appropriate follow-up-email (Email “POSITIVE RESPONSE” or Email “NEGATIVE RESPONSE” or Other email). Follow same procedures as in Step 3.
  • Note in the Field Record and the log sheet that another email was sent.
  • If locating information is obtained, search (data management system) and/or make changes to the Field Record.

Step 6b. Telephone Response from P1.

  • Note the telephone number that appears in the Caller ID.
  • Have the P1 confirm identity by asking for screen name and website.
  • Introduce yourself (according to your jurisdiction’s guidelines).
  • Ask if they have had syphilis/HIV/co-infection in the past (if allowed by local laws). You can say, “I can help you get through this quickly. If you tell me about your syphilis history, I can help determine what type of treatment, if any, is necessary. In addition, I can help set up an appointment or can communicate directly with your physician, and you don’t have to be involved with me anymore.”
  • Explain syphilis/HIV/co-infection exposure and natural history.
  • Encourage other STD screening.
  • Offer to assist the P1 in obtaining free services at either a public STD Clinic or CBO.
  • Ask P1 for name, date of birth, phone number, and physician’s contact information to follow up in a week. Offer to follow up with the physician instead of the P1.
  • Note in the Field Record and the log sheet that another email was sent.
  • If locating information is obtained, search your data management system and make changes to the field record.

Step 6c. No Response from P1

  • Every morning and every evening, check the P1 profile for any account activity (e.g., P1 read email or logged onto account and did not read email). Make note in the Field Record and the log sheet.
  • If there is some type of activity on the P1’s account (e.g., a log-in, a “read” email, or a deleted email), send Email 2 (or later, Email 3, as needed) 24 hours later. Follow the same procedures as in Step 3.
  • Note in the Field Record and the log sheet that another email was sent.
  • If there is no activity on the P1 account after two weeks, “Unsend” the email (if the website offers this feature) and close the Field Record.
  • Note in the Field Record and the log sheet that another email was sent.

Step 7. Closing the P1

  • Every day, check your sent email messages to determine the status of the email. Note if the email was “read” and/or deleted in the Field Record and the log sheet.
  • On the seventh day without a response, close the P1 Field Record and enter information into your data management system.
  • Record P1 Disposition.
  • Within P1 Field Record, under Events, within Internet-based Partner Notification, identify the appropriate Internet Disposition Code.
  • Delete all communication with P1 (both sent and received) that exists within the dating website.
  • Close OP case file.