Why create a filter?

Why create a filter?

Creating a filter within a dataset allows a user to filter the rows of data to be visualized

The following examples show a dataset being filter by Year then State.

Step 1: Filtering by Year


Filtering by Year- Step 1A


Note 1B: The image below shows the dataset AFTER using the Year filter option.

Filtering by Year - Step 1B


Step 2: Filter by State


Filtering by State - Step 2A


Note 2B: The image below shows the dataset AFTER using the both the Year and LocationDesc filter options.

Filtering by State - Step 2B


How do I create my own filtered view?

Step 1: Choose the dataset associated with the view you would like create.

Step 1

Step 2: Click on the View Data to view the dataset

Create Filtered View Step 2


Step 3: Click on the Filter tab.

Step 3

Tip: Click the upside-down arrow at the end of the name of filter selection to change the column where the filter is being taken from.

Filter arrow

Tip: Use the options button to view suggested values for the filters.

Filter options


Step 4: After all filter selections have been made, click the “Save As” button at the top-left of the dataset to save your view.

Step 4