How can I create a chart from a filtered view?

How can I create a chart from a filtered view?

You can create custom visuals about the data with your chosen dataset.

Step 1: Follow the steps to create a filtered view from “How do I create my own filtered view?”

Step 2: After saving your view, click on the Visualize button

Step 3: Click on the Chart option

Step 3

Step 4: Select what type of chart you would like to create

Step 5: Under Data Selection – Chart Definition, you will need select the label data and value data

Step 5A


Step 5B


Step 6: Under Data Presentation, you are able to choose the color of your columns/bars, select whether the you would like your labels and/or values shown within the column/bar, and add an annotation, such as a target or national average.


Step 6


Step 7: Under Chart Details, you are able to make selections for the Legend, Flyout Details, and Axis Options


Step 7


Step 8: When all of your selections have been made, click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page:


Step 8