Online Video


Online video sharing is a popular and powerful activity for exchanging information. Anyone with Internet access can upload, share, view and comment on video footage, and this new ability to participate in video sharing is becoming immensely popular. Using video-sharing sites to disseminate tailored health education and health communication messages helps provide an engaging experience for consumers to view and create health and safety information. With people watching over 100 million clips a day, these online video sources can be a powerful mechanism to assist CDC in distributing current and accurate science and health messages.

Online Video at CDC

CDC encourages the strategic use of online video-sharing sites to effectively and inexpensively reach individuals with personalized and targeted health information. CDC not only participates in YouTube, the most popular video-sharing Web site, it also develops and hosts short consumer-friendly videos on the CDC-TV Web site.


Social_round_cdctv CDC-TV is a video-sharing site on that hosts short, consumer-friendly videos that can be watched, downloaded and shared. View CDC videos at


Social_round_youtubeThe CDC Streaming Health channel on YouTube currently hosts over 2500 videos on a variety of health topics, from flu to HIV/AIDS and many more. Visit CDC Streaming Health to watch, share and embed CDC videos on your personal blog or Web site today!

Page last reviewed: December 27, 2019