Infographics (Information Graphics) are visual representations of data, information or knowledge that tell a story through visual communication. We have developed a new gallery for our current and upcoming Infographics created for CDC events and campaigns, as well as national public health activities. You can copy and paste the code to embed the Infographics in your Web sites, social network profiles, and blogs.

Infographics at CDC

CDC encourages the strategic use of infographics when the message is more visual in nature and requires more than data or charts to communicate successfully to the target audience.

Invest in Your Community

Copy the code below for the “Invest in Your Community—4 Considerations to Improve Health and Well-Being for All” Infographic (970px × 750px).​

Copy the code below for the “Tracking down the salt in food with Professor Saul T” Infographic (1543×1324).​

CDC Burn to Learn

Copy the code below for the “A Snapshot: Blood Pressure in the U.S. “ Infographic (970×1984).

CDC Burn to Learn

CDC Go Light

CDC The New (Ab)normal


Protect Babies from Whooping Cough Infographic

A global view of child injury

Time to Scale Back

Copy the code below for the “Time to Scale Back” Infographic (641×544).

Page last reviewed: December 27, 2019