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Developing Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Employee and Population Health

Recorded on February 25, 2020.

Christa Singleton from CDC, Chris Miles from Leavitt Partners, Lauren Remspecher from St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition, and Glenn Studebaker from Missouri Department of Health and Human Services host a 1 hour presentation for state health departments and the private sector that provide an overview of the value of developing partnerships to enhance not only the well-being of employees, but of the community and population as a whole.

This webinar will help state health departments understand the value of partnering with businesses, how to find them, and how to effectively communicate to these groups. In addition, attendees will be introduced to CDC’s 6|18 Initiative, an effort to improve health and control healthcare costs by targeting six common health conditions and behaviors.

For further information, contact sixeighteen@cdc.gov

Updates as of June, 2021:

Addition of a case study about a technology products and solutions employer that improved the health and cost of high-burden health conditions and behaviors for their workforce by using an evidence-to-action approach that aligns with the CDC’s 6|18 Initiative.

Public Health-Employer Opportunities to Improve Population Health: CDC 6|18 Initiative

Tools and Resources for State and Local Health Departments

Customizable Slide Deck: The Value of Partnering Together to Improve Employee Health

Developing partnerships between public health and the private sector is critical to enhancing the well-being of employees, and the community and population as a whole. This deck is intended to be used by state and local health departments connecting with employers to improve population health. Access a customizable slide deck ppt icon[PPT – 2 MB] with concrete examples of evidence-based strategies that employers can use to reduce tobacco use, control blood pressure, control asthma, and prevent type 2 diabetes.

ScanSource Employer Case Study

6|18 is a Catalyst for Collaboration between State Medicaid and Public Health. See how by viewing our new infographic


Interested in the 6|18 partnership? Want to know where to start? Here are some of the steps states have taken to get started!

Steps Medicaid Agencies Have Taken:

  • Determined which high-cost health priorities align with 6|18 conditions
  • Identified strategies to improve benefits coverage and use
  • Called their public health department counterpart to cultivate a collaboration

Steps Public Health Departments Have Taken:

  • Determined which high-burden health priorities aligned with 6|18 interventions
  • Used economic information to make a business case for key decision makers
  • Called their Medicaid agency counterpart to cultivate a collaboration
6|18 Resources and Tools