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CDC's 6|18 Initiative - Catalyst for Collaboration Infographic

6|18 is a Catalyst for Collaboration between State Medicaid and Public Health

The new 6|18 infographic summarizes what the first group of state Medicaid and public health partners had to say about CDC’s 6|18 Initiative in exploratory interviews.

Better Coordination

Better Coordination

“6|18 fostered communication and collaboration so that we each know what each other is doing.” ~ State Medicaid

Increased Visibility


“No longer do we thing reimbursement is only a Medicaid issue.” ~ State Public Health

Access to Resources


“6|18 shares toolkits developed by other states, so we do not have to reinvent the wheel.” ~ State Medicaid

Improved Accountability


“There are expectations, and 6|18 gives our team a gentle nudge to make sure we’re making progress every month.” ~ State Public Health

Increased Cross-Sector Knowledge

“We brought public health into our world.” ~ State Medicaid

One state health department helped medical directors of 17 Medicaid managed care plans better understand the science and public health rationale for smoking cessation.

State Opportunity to Leverage 6|18

“We reflected on our practice and recognized opportunities to improve.” ~ State Medicaid

While one state was working to remove co-payment of tobacco cessation medications, they were simultaneously working to remove co-payment of opioid addiction medications and overdose treatment.

7.	Take Action with CDC’s 6|18 Initiative and Work With your State Partners

Take Action with CDC’s 6|18 Initiative and Work with your State Partners

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