6|18 Assessment Toolkit

For staff from Medicaid and public health agencies from states, local jurisdictions, and territories

Who might find this Toolkit most useful?

Intended audience: Staff from Medicaid and public health teams from states, tribes, local jurisdictions, and territories (STLT), who are working to build and strengthen partnerships to improve coverage and uptake of the 6|18 Initiative’s interventions.

What is an assessment plan? Why might I create one?

An assessment plan is a tool that can help you improve existing programs, and demonstrate the results of resource investments.  The assessment plan template has space for assessment questions of interest, metrics to track progress, data collection methods and timeline, the lead person, and the analysis plan for each assessment question.  Other 6|18 STLT teams have used assessment results to show program progress to, and gain support from, their Medicaid or public health agency leadership, state Legislature, or both. Implementing the CDC’s 6|18 Initiative: A Resource Center – Implementing CDC’s 6|18 Initiative: A Resource Center (chcs.org)external icon

New to CDC’s 6|18 Initiative?

Here’s some background information for staff from STLT Medicaid and public health teams:


Quick Start Guideexternal icon ​

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To create an assessment plan, start here:

How to Create an Assessment Plan: Step-by-Step

Note: 6|18 teams are not required to submit an assessment plan or data as part of CDC’s 6|18 Initiative.  This toolkit supports, and does not take the place of, other CDC program assessment materials.

What tools are in this toolkit?

Condition-specific resources to help STLT Medicaid and public health teams select indicators that are relevant to their 6|18 work:

Indicator tables:

Other resources:

Monitoring and assessment - how to measure the results of your STLT Medicaid and public health team’s 6|18 activities:

More resources:

CDC’s Office of the Associate Director for Policy and Strategy (OADPS) and the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) jointly developed this toolkit.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded CHCS to support CDC with implementation of the 6|18 Initiative.