A Colorado Partnership Links Data to Boost Public Health

A Lack of Access to Immunization Data

Research suggests that immunizations may reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). As a participant in the SUID Case Registry, the state of Colorado found that immunization history was missing in many of the SUID cases. To address this issue, the Colorado awardee set out to better understand the rate of immunizations among infants who died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Reducing the Gap Through a Public Health Partnership

To reduce the gap in their data, the Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System partnered with the Colorado Immunization Information System, which collects and combines immunization data for all Coloradans. As a result of this collaboration, Colorado was able to link sudden unexpected infant death and immunization data from 2009 through 2017. Through this linkage, Colorado improved data quality on immunization status within the SUID Case Registry. Information about whether an infant who died suddenly and unexpectedly received vaccinations increased from 7% to 89%.

Using Linked Data to Promote Immunizations

Colorado plans to use these data to inform future health promotion activities. This includes efforts to share information about the importance of vaccines in reducing the risk of SIDS with the state Children’s Immunization Coalition and the Infant Safe Sleep Partnership. These organizations can include this important health communication message in both safe sleep and immunization materials that will be shared in communities.

This success story reflects information as reported by the Colorado SUID Case Registry.

Colorado Success Story

SUID Colorado Success Story: lock and key image

Colorado linked immunization and SUID data, allowing for more informed health promotion activities.