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This page lists feature stories (articles of interest to health consumers searching the internet), podcasts, and electronic cards related to shingles (herpes zoster).


Fact Sheets

For adults: Get the new shingles vaccine if you are 50 or older [2 pages]
This fact sheet describes who should get the new shingles vaccine as well as the benefits and side effects.


For healthcare providers: Protect your patients with the new shingles vaccine [2 pages]
This fact sheet describes vaccine storage and administration as well as patient counselling for the new vaccine.


Web Feature

Protect Yourself against Shingles: Get Vaccinated
Almost one out of three people in the United States will develop shingles during their lifetime. If you are age 60 years or older, get vaccinated to reduce your risk of developing the often painful disease.


Mobile App

image of mobile devices
Disease of the Week: Shingles
Download CDC’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android). Find Shingles and take the quiz to test your knowledge about the disease.



CDC Expert Commentary: Everything You Need to Know About Shingrix
View this video (3:58 minutes)Dr. Kathleen Dooling discusses storage, administration, and patient counseling for the new shingles vaccine
Date Released: 4/30/18


CDC Expert Commentary — Herpes Zoster Rates Are Increasing, but Why?
View this video (4:06 minutes)Dr. Craig Hales discusses why the increases in shingles rates among adults are unlikely to be related to childhood chickenpox vaccination.
Date Released: 4/14/2014 (Discusses Zostavax)


Herpes Zoster: Who’s at Risk and Who Should be Vaccinated
View this video (4:35 minutes)Learn about how effective the herpes zoster vaccine is and what the current recommendations are for vaccinating patients.
Date Released: 11/21/2011 (About Zostavax)



There’s a Vaccine for Shingles?!
Listen To This Podcast (1:42 minutes)

This podcast answers a listener’s question about the vaccine for shingles.
Date Released: 7/13/2009


Immunizations Part II: Shingles Vaccine
Listen To This Podcast (7:05 minutes)

This podcast discusses older adults and shingles, as well as the importance of getting the shingles vaccine.
Date Released: 9/24/2008


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