Incident Response Plan

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  • February 10, 2014: Added “Low probability/High consequence Events” to Appendix IV.
  • September 4, 2014: Added information about continuing laboratory operations after incident.
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  • February 2018: Added the immediate responsibilities.


Under the provisions of select agent regulations (7 CFR §331.14, 9 CFR §121.14, and 42 CFR §73.14), an entity registered with the Federal Select Agent Program is required to have an  incident response plan in place in the event of a natural and/or man-made disaster. The purpose of this guide is to assist the regulated community in developing a site-specific incident response plan to ensure the security and safeguarding of select agents and toxins from natural and man-made disasters.

Please feel free to use the new editable Incident Response Plan Template (link to template) as the foundation for your entity’s incident response plan.

Download full Incident Response Plan PDF version

Download Incident Response Plan Template PDF version