Registration for Possession, Use, and Transfer
of Select Agents and Toxins

Notice: Effective Monday, June 26, 2017, the Federal Select Agent Program has implemented changes in the submission process of all APHIS/CDC Form 1 documents. Please see the Select Agent Gram for more information.  

An entity will complete APHIS/CDC Form 1 to apply to possess, use, or transfer select agents and toxins (as described in 7 CFR 331, 9 CFR 121, and 42 CFR 73). Information requested in this form includes: facility information, a list of select agents and/or toxins to be possessed, used, or transferred by the entity, a list of individuals who will have access, or potential access, to select agents and toxins, and information about the work to be performed. For details on how to submit your application and additional information about registering with the Federal Select Agent Program, see Form 1 FAQs. For assistance, contact lrsat@cdc.gov or AgSAS@usda.gov.

The APHIS/CDC Form 1 is also used to amend an approved registration. To amend an approved certificate of registration, an entity must submit a letter to the Federal Select Agent Program requesting the changes to be made to its registration and updated sections of the APHIS/CDC Form 1 pertinent to the changes requested. Guidance/instructions are provided with the form.

(expiration date 12/31/2018)

For assistance in the completion of APHIS/CDC Form 1, refer to the Instructions for the Completion of APHIS/CDC Form 1 below. This document provides detailed information and directions to applicants and registered entities on how to complete each section of APHIS/CDC Form 1 and on the submission of registration amendments.

The section of the form or attachment to be completed must be downloaded and saved before information is added. Ensure that you have Adobe Acrobat 11 before downloading the form. The APHIS/CDC Form 1 HELP (Functionality) below describes features of the fillable PDF form and Excel spreadsheets and provides technical help. Contact your file manager or lrsat@cdc.gov or AgSAS@usda.gov for further assistance.

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Instructions for the Completion of APHIS/CDC Form 1
APHIS/CDC Form 1 HELP (Functionality)

APHIS/CDC Form 1 Sections and Attachments