eFSAP Submission

  1. Can my immediate notification be sent by email and then the APHIS/CDC Form 3 be submitted in eFSAP?

    The immediate notification can be sent via phone, email, or directly through eFSAP. Complete APHIS/CDC Form 3 in eFSAP within 7 days of the incident. If initial notification is made using eFSAP (APHIS/CDC Form-3), then the date of your immediate notification will appear in APHIS/CDC Form 3 Section B within eFSAP.

  2. How do I fill out an APHIS/CDC Form 3 Immediate Notification in eFSAP?

    Please see the Form 3 Immediate Notification Quick Reference Guide for detailed instructions.

  3. How do I initiate an APHIS/CDC Form 3 but not officially submit it?

    When you start an APHIS/CDC Form 3, you can save it as a draft without clicking Submit.  Log into eFSAP and click on Form 3. Click Create Form 3. After you have started filling out the form, you can click Save at the bottom of the page to save the APHIS/CDC Form 3 as a draft without submitting it to FSAP for review.

  4. Does the RO need to access the immediate submission to provide more detail or is a new APHIS/CDC Form 3 required?

    If the immediate notification was submitted by starting the APHIS/CDC Form 3, then complete the APHIS/CDC Form 3. If you sent an email or fax, you may upload the document as Supporting Documentation.

  5. Will entities be required to maintain hard copy printouts of the APHIS/CDC Form 3 for reports of a theft, loss or release of a select agent or toxin documented in eFSAP?

    The electronic documentation in eFSAP acts as the record required by the select agent regulations. If there is not electronic documentation within eFSAP, it is the entity’s responsibility to ensure there is a record available.

  6. Can an entity not currently registered with FSAP (non-registered entity or NRE) use eFSAP to submit an APHIS/CDC Form 3, Report of Theft, Loss or Release of a Select Agent or Toxin?

    At this time, an NRE must submit a report of theft, loss, or release of a select agent or toxin via email, fax, or mail.