Platform Architecture

The Surveillance Data Platform (SDP) is a cloud-based solution that leverages enterprise infrastructure to provide a common set of shared services to improve public health surveillance capabilities.

Enterprise Container Platform as a Service (ECPaaS) is a cloud-based platform that hosts shared services for CDC Programs. It was conceived and developed as part of the SDP Program. The value of ECPaaS is its ability to deliver common service needs in a single unified platform. It provides administration console, integrated logging, network security and monitoring, software vulnerability scanning, scalability, resiliency, and data backup and restore to the shared services hosted upon it. ECPaaS provides service developers with many rapid application development features, and is listed as a SDP shared service.

In the absence of ECPaaS, each shared service would need to implement its own variant of each feature mentioned above, resulting in duplicative development efforts, overall complexity, and it may impact interoperability, sustainment costs, or more at an enterprise level.

The platform presently employs a microservices architecture to support the agile delivery of capabilities. Microservices represent a flexible concept that will allow CDC surveillance programs to select one or more of the SDP service offerings and expedite targeted data collection and analysis. The platform itself is designed to host capabilities implemented using heterogeneous technologies while providing a consistent interface to service consumers. These services are deployed to a micro-services-based infrastructure in a manner to be scalable, resilient, and secure to support the needs of service consumers.

Open Source Code Repository

SDP High-Level Architecture Diagram

Infographic of SDP Platform Architecture Diagram

The SDP is built on the RedHat OpenShift Container PlatformExternal

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