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For Developers

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Providing resources to support developers

The Surveillance Data Platform Program Developer Pages provide a portal for resources to support developers interested in the implementation of SDP Shared Services.

The documentation and supporting resources identified in the SDP Program Developer Pages are focused on, assisting developers to:

  • Implement system interfaces with existing SDP Shared Services,
  • Design and develop additional SDP Shared Services, and
  • Extend SDP infrastructure with new capability.

The Surveillance Data Platform (SDP) Program addresses people, process, and technology as it relates to public health surveillance. This includes launching a common infrastructure that provides shared services for CDC and its public health partners, putting into production the SDP Vocabulary Service, and working collaboratively across the agency to advance a shared services approach to surveillance. The SDP Program aims to:

  • Reduce variability in data received from partners,
  • Reduce duplication of surveillance-related activities and efforts, and
  • Enhance efficiency of surveillance functions (e.g., cost, labor, quickness).

The SDP infrastructure and shared services are designed to be sharable, scalable, and standardized; and to operate within a common governance model. Scientists and public health professionals can assemble services to create new capabilities in near real-time, allowing a more agile response to public health emergencies.

CDC is dedicated in working through a multi-phase development effort to bring more shared services to the broader surveillance ecosystem.

The SDP Developer Pages are intended to encourage contributions by the broader community.

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Open Source Code Repository

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The CDC is embracing open source to provide a transparent approach to develop the platform. While the SDP open source strategy and implementation continues to evolve, it is driven by the following guiding principles:

  • Identify and adopt open source and agile best practices to develop the SDP
  • Encourage sharing of appropriate project artifacts for openness and transparency
  • Solicit community feedback, contributions, and adoption of SDP by broader community
  • Openly share software products that result from CDC investment to leverage these investments for the benefit of the public health community

The SDP program aims to develop the platform in a manner that is open and encourages contributions from developers from the broader community, referred to as the Bazaar model for open source development. [See “The Cathedral & the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary”, Eric S. Raymond, O’Reilly Media, July 14, 2008]

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Vocabulary Service APIs

SDP Source Code Repositoryexternal icon

The Vocabulary Service provides a custom JSON RESTful API with Swagger documentation and testing software and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) compliant API to allow developers to create programs that can directly use information from the Vocabulary Service. Documentation and interactive testing tools for the SDP-V API and FHIR API can be accessed via the help menu.

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