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Providing resources to support developers

This page provides developers with resources to support design, development and implementation of surveillance shared services. In addition, to support the extension of SDP infrastructure.

Overview of Platform Architecture

The Surveillance Data Platform is a cloud-based solution that leverages enterprise infrastructure to provide a common set of shared services to improve public health surveillance capabilities.

SDP was instrumental in introducing Enterprise Container Platform as a Service (ECPaaS), a RedHat OpenShift Container Platformexternal icon for building and deploying modern containerized application and services, enable agile software development, and support DevSecOps movement.

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Access to Public Health Surveillance Wiki

Collaboration space for developers and provides more detailed information on how to design, develop and implement shared services.
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api guidance

API Guidanceexternal icon

CDC’s Surveillance Data Platform Program offers guidance on several aspects of RESTful API design and implementation.

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SDP Vocabulary Service API Swagger

Swagger documentation is available for SDP Vocabulary Service REST API to allow software developers to explore its capability and integrate within their software. The API also provides a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) endpoint for integration.

ci/cd api

SDP-Vocabulary API CI/CDexternal icon

CI/CD pipeline code for SDP Vocabulary Service listed on the SDP-Vocabulary Service GitHub repository.

sdp source code repository

SDP Vocabulary Service Source Code Repositoryexternal icon

Repository for developers to review and reuse codes specific to shared vocabulary.

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SDP Source Code Repositoryexternal icon

Code repository for collaborative software projects used by CDC.

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