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The Surveillance Data Platform Program was launched in 2016, as one of several initiatives dedicated to making disease tracking more efficient through using cloud-based technology. This cross-agency effort stems from a call from multiple stakeholders, including Congress, state public health leaders, and federal advisory committees asking for the development of a new surveillance strategy. The development of the Surveillance Data Platform and its shared services is one effort from CDC’s Surveillance Strategy.

The SDP Program is working to improve public health efficiency and accelerate decision-making through collaboration that leads to

  • Improved data quality,
  • Reduced burden reporting on external partners,
  • Reduced duplication of surveillance-related activities or efforts, and
  • Enhanced efficiency of surveillance functions (e.g., cost, labor, quickness).

The focus to enhance public health starts with collaboration, sharing existing surveillance services, and modernizing technology to achieve better data exchange between partners and CDC.

What are Shared Services?

Industry has found that by sharing administrative, information technology, and other operational services, the result is greater cost savings and improved service delivery. CDC is developing reusable shared services that can be plugged into multiple different surveillance programs within the agency.

How is the SDP Program involved in Shared Services at CDC?

CDC is revolutionizing the way epidemiologists and public health professionals’ access, transfer, and use data. The Surveillance Data Platform (SDP) Program is applying cutting-edge technology and industry standards to critical public health challenges—from infectious disease to chronic health conditions.

The SDP Program currently offers two shared services – Vocabulary and Content-Based Routing – for CDC programs to use. Both shared services are hosted on a secure, cloud-based platform that centralizes and shares common information technology services needed for disease surveillance.

The SDP Program also convenes a multidisciplinary working group driving change for a newer, faster, stronger, and better public health surveillance ecosystem.

How Sharing Advances Surveillance
Page last reviewed: September 12, 2019