SARS Update—April 30, 2004

Español: Situación actual del SRAS

The Chinese Ministry of Health reported one new possible SARS case in Beijing on April 28, bringing the total to nine possible cases. This new possible case-patient was known to have been in close contact with one of the Beijing patients under medical care for possible SARS.

Two of the nine possible SARS case-patients worked at the National Institute of Virology Laboratory of China’s Center for Disease Control in Beijing. The laboratory is known to conduct research on SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV). The laboratory has been closed, potentially exposed personnel are being screened, and possible sources of infection for the two laboratory workers are being investigated.

Chinese authorities are currently involved in active surveillance activities to identify other possible cases of SARS, including enhanced surveillance for any flu-like illness and pneumonia of unknown etiology. They have also initiated measures to prevent the spread of SARS among travelers, including health screening of travelers at ports of entry. See additional information on the SARS situation in Chinaexternal icon.

According to the Taiwanese Center for Disease Control, an elderly man who developed fever and pneumonia after returning to Taiwan from China on April 24 was evaluated for possible SARS. Testing for SARS-CoV was reported to be negative.

Canada is now distributing SARS Health Alert Notices (i.e., health information cards about SARS) at major ports of entry to arriving passengers from China. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not initiated similar action but is prepared to do so immediately if there is an increase of SARS activity. CDC continues to closely monitor the SARS situation in China and will provide additional information on this website as it becomes available.