SARS Update—April 26, 2004

Español: Situación actual del SRAS

In April 2004, the Chinese Ministry of Health reported several new cases of possible SARS in Beijing and in Anhui Province, which is located in east-central China. As of April 26, the Ministry of Health had reported eight possible SARS cases: six in Bejing and two in Anhui Province. One of the patients in Anhui Province died. Nearly 1000 contacts of these patients with possible SARS are under medical observation, including 640 in Beijing and 353 in Anhui.

In addition, health authorities have reported that two doctors who treated one of one of the patients during her hospitalization in Anhui have developed fever. A person in close contact with one of the doctors has also developed fever.

To date, all diagnosed cases and cases under investigation have been linked to chains of transmission involving close personal contact with an identified case-patient. There is no evidence of wider transmission in the community. See additional information on the SARS situation in China.