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Supplement D: Community Containment Measures, Including Non-Hospital Isolation and Quarantine

Public Health Guidance for Community-Level Preparedness and Response to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Version 2/3*

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Contents of this Section


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Summaryprinter friendly version [2 pages]
I. Rationale and Goalsprinter friendly version [2 pages]
II. Lessons Learnedprinter friendly version [2 pages]
III. Management of SARS Patients in Isolationprinter friendly version [2 pages]
IV. Management of Contacts of SARS Casesprinter friendly version [4 pages]
V. Community-Based Control Measuresprinter friendly version [4 pages]
VI. Enforcement of Community Containment Measuresprinter friendly version [1 page]
VII. Roles and Responsibilitiesprinter friendly version [1 page]
Appendix D1: Interventions for Community Containmentprinter friendly version [10 pages]
Appendix D2: Frequently Asked Questions about Use of Community Containment Measuresprinter friendly version [3 pages]
Appendix D3: Guidelines for Evaluating Homes and Facilities for Isolation and Quarantineprinter friendly version [4 pages]
Appendix D4: Threshold Determinants for the Use of Community Containment Measuresprinter friendly version [2 pages]
Appendix D5: Preparedness Checklist for Community Containment Measuresprinter friendly version [2 pages]

Footnote *

This version of Supplement D includes editorial changes throughout the text that are intended to clarify the rationale for and explanations of the recommendations.

Several new components have been added:

  1. The text box “Graded Implementation of Community Containment Measures” provides a rationale for selection among the various community containment interventions.
  2. Section V provides guidance for de-escalation of interventions.
  3. Appendix D1 defines and describes the applications, benefits, challenges, and required resources for various containment interventions.
  4. Appendix D2 answers frequently asked questions about the use of community containment measures.

Appendices related to considerations for persons in isolation at home and in non-hospital facilities have been revised and condensed. More detailed information on these topics is provided in Supplement I.

The Community Containment Matrices included in the previous draft were deleted in favor of more complete coverage of the information in the text.

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