Clinical Laboratory COVID-19 Response Calls - May 2020

CDC’s Division of Laboratory Systems (DLS) convenes a weekly call with clinical laboratories to discuss the nation’s clinical laboratory response to coronavirus disease (COVID-19). These Clinical Laboratory COVID-19 Response Calls take place every Monday at 3:00 PM EDT. Audio and transcripts are posted to this page after each call.

To submit questions for consideration, email in advance or use the question and answer (Q&A) function in Zoom during the call. Because we anticipate a large number of participants on this call, and many questions, we may not be able to directly and immediately address every issue. However, we will note your questions and feedback and tailor the content of future calls accordingly. We want this call to be useful and relevant to your COVID-19 response activities – we are all in this together.

Page last reviewed: July 7, 2020