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NCHS Research Data Center

What's New?

Winter 2015


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  • National Health Interview Survey 2013 Release

    Geocodes constructed from 2010 Census geography are now available for request through the Research Data Center. Please see our Geocodes page for information on what geographic data is available for each NCHS survey.

New Data Available through the RDC

National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)

A preliminary microdata file for the January–June 2014 National Health Interview Survey is now available through the NCHS RDC. NHIS data users can analyze this file without having to wait for the final annual NHIS microdata files to be released.

National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG)

The National Survey of Family Growth has released 2011-2013 public use data files. Restricted data has been made available through the Research Data Center.    

  • Below are the lists of restricted variables that can be requested:

List of Restricted Use Variables for the Female File   [PDF - 87 KB]

List of Restricted Use Variables for the Male File   [PDF - 217 KB]   

  • The Interviewer Observations File 

This a special data file that contains responses from the NSFG interviewers about the respondent and the interview setting. This file will not be provided for the NSFG 2011-2013 interview data released in December 2014, but will be compiled once four years of interviews have been collected, covering 2011-2015. The Interviewer Observation data are only available for use in the Research Data Center. 

  • Contextual Data

The 2011-2013 contextual data file consists of three variables: CASEID, the State FIPS code, and the County FIPS code of the respondent’s address at the time of the interview.  These data are only available through the Research Data Centers due to the increased risk of deductive disclosure of individual respondent’s identities when geographic variables are linked to the survey data.  FIPS codes can be used to merge external contextual information with the 2011-2013 NSFG public use files.


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