Radon Communication Materials

Also see CDC’s Radon Awareness Week 2022 webpage for graphics and social media messages that can be used all year.

Toolkit for Public Health Professionals
Create customized radon factsheets, infographics, press releases, and more.

Add your office’s logo, contact information, and regional data to these 5 outreach materials with up-to-date information from CDC.

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Fact Sheet thumbnail image

Audience: Consumers

Purpose and use: Educate consumers with this plain language PDF. You can put it on your website or print out copies to distribute.

Format: PDF – 150 KB

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Audience: Consumers

Purpose and use: Attract consumer attention with this eye-catching infographic. Put it on your website or print out copies for distribution.

Format: PDF – 103 KB

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Infographic thumbnail image

Audience: Consumers

Purpose and use: Use graphics to raise awareness about radon. You can use these graphics in presentations, in documents, or on social media.

Format: Image files (.jpg)

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Matte Article thumbnail image

Audience: Local newspapers, websites, and other media outlets that reach a general audience.

Purpose and use: Matte articles are prewritten articles for newspapers, newsletters, and other media outlets. They’re a great way to raise awareness with a large consumer audience.

Microsoft Word

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Press Release thumbnail image

Audience: Policymakers, clinicians, medical organizations, media outlets, and stakeholders.

Purpose and use: Raise awareness about National Radon Action Month in January by sending this to doctors’ offices, medical centers, schools, and other professionals. Encourage stakeholders to collaborate with you on planning events during the month.

Microsoft Word

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Social Media Content thumbnail image

Audience: Professionals — policymakers, clinicians, medical organizations, and stakeholders.

Purpose and use: Raise radon awareness by posting these messages on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms. Grab attention with shareable images and interactive polls. Messages are organized into three categories. Just copy and paste whatever you need.

Format: Text & HTML

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If you’re a public health professional raising awareness about radon, this Toolkit is an essential resource. In just a few minutes, you can create radon materials ready for print or web that feature:

  • Current radon data reviewed and cleared by CDC
  • Plain language content and key messages about radon risks, radon and smoking, and home testing
  • Your logo and contact information — and details about local resources
  • Professional design
Animated Videos
Protect yourself and your loved ones from radon
Radon: Get the facts on radon
Testing: The only way to determine if your home has high radon levels
Smoking: Smoking and radon are a dangerous combination
Take Action: Don't wait to take action to reduce radon levels in your home.
Tracking Radon: Know the radon levels in your area
How Radon Gets Into Your Home Infographic - view long description under image
Get the facts: The silent intruder that may be in your home.
Learn the Risks: Invisible, odorless, tasteless .. and risky
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