Blueprint for Rabies Prevention and Control

Posted: July 2, 2010

Partners for Rabies Prevention

Global rabies experts, working together through the Partners for Rabies Prevention, have developed a new tool to combat rabies. The Blueprint for Rabies Prevention and Control has been developed to serve as a guide for countries that would like to prevent human rabies by eliminating canine rabies within their borders.

The Blueprint brings together relevant information on rabies prevention from specific international health organizations, published data from the field, and includes case reports for closer examination of how human rabies can be prevented and canine rabies can be eliminated. This Blueprint is not meant to replace existing material or national guidelines but rather is meant to serve as an easy-to-use guide to assist countries in understanding how to prevent and control rabies.

The Blueprint is applicable for countries where rabies is present and also for countries where rabies has been re-introduced. It is organized in a simple Q&A format, contains concise clear key messages, and includes links to specific documents and websites for more information.

The Blueprint is intended to be a living document, updated and improved by a community of global rabies experts. A section on wildlife rabies control is currently in the works.

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