Report on Human and Dog Rabies Prevention and Control

Posted: May 28, 2010

folder with report inside

A Report of the WHO/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation consultation on human and dog rabies prevention and control is now available. This report represents findings and discussion among international experts on rabies held during a meeting in Annecy, France October 7-9, 2009. This meeting included sessions on human rabies prevention, control and elimination of canine rabies, and future research. Recommendations include: support of the four-dose Essen PEP schedule, support of developing specific strategies to serve vulnerable populations in Amazonia and sub-Saharan Africa, and strong support of continued development of new immunological and chemical sterilization tools for canine population control, among other recommendations.

The full report can be accessed online:
Human and Dog Rabies Prevention and Control pdf icon[PDF – 665 KB]external icon