Success Stories

Carton of eggs

Whole genome sequencing provides eggcellent data during outbreak investigation pdf icon[PDF – 2 pages]external icon

Conclusive scientific evidence discovered within the PulseNet national database linked the source of a Listeria monocytogenes outbreak to hard-boiled eggs.

Fresh healthy romaine lettuce salad on wooden table

PulseNet key to solving 2010 E. coli outbreak linked to lettuceexternal icon

PulseNet was critical at every stage of an E. coli outbreak investigation in MI, OH and NY linked to lettuce.

Piglets in barnyard

PulseNet helps Washington public health solve largest Salmonella outbreak in recent history.external icon

Collaboration between Washington public health and PulseNet was key to recalling 523,000 pounds of pork products.

Close up of two hamburgers

With PulseNet, handful of E. coli cases reveal multistate outbreak, prompt huge recallexternal icon

Read how Ohio and Michigan used PulseNet to discover a restaurant outbreak that led to a recall of 1.8 million pounds of ground beef.

dog eating dry food

How did PulseNet, PetNET, and Michigan microbiologists link a Salmonella outbreak to an unlikely source?external icon

Microbiologists in Michigan discovered that the PFGE pattern from contaminated dog food matched PFGE patterns from human illnesses in the US and Canada.

Soft cheese

Stopping Listeria required an arsenal of tools and an army of expertsexternal icon

Learn how Maryland and Virginia prompted a soft cheese recall by detecting Listeria through PFGE and WGS methods.

Close up of a glass of milk and an open glass milk bottle

Utah raw milk outbreak was difficult – but not impossible – to stopexternal icon

Utah Department of Health (UDOH) used PFGE to find strain of Campylobacter in infected raw milk.

Scientist is a lab

Virginia: PFGE and whole genome sequencing show Salmonella outbreak who’s bossexternal icon

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) information used in Virginia to strengthen correlation between Salmonella Enteritidis isolates and support epidemiologists’ investigation.