Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support Strategic Map

Improving community health outcomes by strengthening state, tribal, local, and territorial public health agencies

Priority 1: Strategic Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement
Goal 1

Enhance public health system coordination and collaboration to advance public health priorities.

Strategy 1.1

Facilitate coordination and information sharing among CDC CIOs, HHS OPDIVs, key government agencies, and national non-governmental organizations

Strategy 1.2

Foster collaboration and proactively engage with STLT public health agencies and organizations

Priority 2: Elite Public Health Workforce
Goal 2

Strengthen cross-cutting public health workforce competencies and capacities

Strategy 2.1

Provide service-learning assignments that prepare the next generation of public health workers and expand STLT public health agency capacities

Strategy 2.2

Support competency model development and provide training to the public health workforce on cross-cutting skills (e.g., leadership, public health law, performance improvement)

Strategy 2.3

Provide surge support during public health emergencies

Priority 3: Operational Excellence of Health Departments
Goal 3

Fortify public health infrastructure and core capabilities of STLT health departments

Strategy 3.1

Support national accreditation and advance the ability of STLT public health agencies to meet the national standards

Strategy 3.2

Manage a suite of cross-cutting, flexible, capacity-building cooperative agreements and grants

Strategy 3.3

Support continuous improvement in the quality of services CDC delivers to its STLT partners and stakeholders

Priority 4: Access to Data and Evidence About and for STLT Health Departments
Goal 4

Put public health systems science into action to achieve public health impact

Strategy 4.1

Promote and support efforts to build evidence of what works to strengthen public health infrastructure and capabilities

Strategy 4.2

Facilitate STLT access to new knowledge, evidence, and data through studies, analyses, platforms, tools, and forums

Priority 5: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Goal 5

Cultivate a diverse workforce, inclusive workplace, and equity in all programs and services

Strategy 5.1

Support STLTs in addressing gaps in public health response and services for underserved jurisdictions and high-risk populations

Strategy 5.2

Recruit and develop a public health workforce that mirrors the communities and demographics it serves

Strategy 5.3

Foster an inclusive workplace and collaborative environment within CSTLTS through staff engagement, training, and recognition

Page last reviewed: January 19, 2022