Where Should You Begin?

If you are not sure where to begin and have specific questions, please review the following to determine which section of the Resource Kit to visit.

Join a CoP

If you want to learn about Communities of Practice and are interested in getting involved, you can do that easily!

To find out what a CoP is, check out the Introduction to Communities of Practice section.

To jump right in and sign up for a CoP, look for existing CoPs within your field of interest.

Start a CoP

Do you have an idea for a new CoP? Visit the following sections to learn how to plan and launch a community.

Sustain a CoP

If your CoP is already in place and you would like ideas on how to sustain your community over time, this is the area for you!

  • To learn about encouraging participation, check out the Develop Membership section.
  • To learn about how different types of members might participate, visit Community.
  • To learn about how to create a variety of environments in which members can participate, review Foster Engagement.

Evolve your CoP

If your CoP has been in place for some time and you would like some ideas about how to keep members engaged, foster innovation, and share your success with others, review the material in this section.

  • To learn about the Storytelling process, check out the Share Success Stories section.
  • To learn about how your community can improve products, methods, processes, or thinking, visit the Foster Innovation section.

Evaluate your CoP

Learn how to use evaluation measures to help assess how effectively your CoP is working and to determine its impact on your community members, your organization, and the domain.

  • To evaluate the progress of your CoP, see the Evaluate a CoP section.

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