Funding Opportunity Announcement: Building Capacity of the Public Health System

The following resources may be helpful to you in developing the application requirements:

Evaluation Plan

A Framework for Program Evaluation

Additional Evaluation Resources

Writing “SMART” Objectives

Applicants are expected to write objectives for program activities in SMART format, meaning they should possess all of the following criteria:

Specific Well defined so it is clear what counts as an achievement
Measurable Has a target measurement and a way [or method] to determine whether the measurement has been reached
Achievable Can be completed, given the available resources, within a realistic timeframe
Relevant Is a relevant measure of what is to be achieved and changed in the short term and long term
Time-bound Has established timeframes that enable the program to determine whether adequate progress has been made over time

Source: Wilkinson, M. The executive guide to facilitating strategy. Atlanta (GA): Leadership Strategies Publishing; 2011. p. 143-58.

Other Helpful Resources

The following resources provide further information regarding CDC and OSTLTS priorities, national recommendations, and the Prevention and Public Health Fund:

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