Collaborating Citywide for Health Equity


Chicago works with community organizations and philanthropy on a citywide initiative addressing social determinants of health and institutionalizing a Health in All Policies approach.

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May 24, 2019

In 2016, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) launched Healthy Chicago 2.0pdf icon[PDF – 3.60MB]external icon, an expansive initiative to promote health equity and institutionalize a Health in All Policies approach to making policy and programmatic decisions. Healthy Chicago 2.0 is a collaboration between the city and more than 130 partner organizations. Community-based organizations, philanthropy, and local government are working together to achieve 82 measurable objectives by 2020. A key element of the plan is to align efforts and investments that address the root causes of health inequities (the social determinants of health).

Chicago named a director of health equity and strategic partnerships to carry out the plan’s strategies.  Activities include—

  • Aligning city, county, and philanthropic funding to develop and implement the Flexible Housing Pool, an integrated housing and service delivery strategy designed to increase supportive housing for individuals with homelessness, complex health needs, and a history of arrest
  • Using city funds to support place-based initiatives that strengthen neighborhoods, increase safety, and impact health
  • Leveraging national and local funding by providing additional support to plans developed by the community to increase equitable transit-oriented development

For more information:

Anne Posner, Director of Health Equity and Strategic Partnerships
Chicago Department of Public Healthexternal icon

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