Stacey M. Jenkins, MPH, CHES

Photo: Stacey Mattison, MPH, CHES

Division of Program and Partnership Services

Photo: Stacey Mattison, MPH, CHES

Current Role

As director of the Division of Program and Partnership Services within CDC’s Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support (CSTLTS), Stacey M. Jenkins, MPH, CHES, provides agency-wide support and coordination of public health partnerships. She leads a team of public health advisors and analysts in administering grants and umbrella cooperative agreements with national public health partners, working collaboratively across CDC to ensure CDC-funded public health partner contributions are integrated with and add value to CDC’s public health mission and activities.


Ms. Jenkins previously served as deputy director of the Division of Public Health Performance Improvement within CDC’s Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support, where she assisted the division director in providing guidance and strategic direction on a cross-agency system of performance and accountability that helped position state, tribal, local and territorial (STLT) public health agencies to achieve and advance the public health outcomes intended and supported by CDC. Ms. Jenkins has worked in the area of programmatic and strategic planning, and provided technical assistance to CDC-funded and non-funded partners for the past 20 years. Before that, she served as CDC’s Adult and Older Adult goal team lead and held several leadership positions in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s Divisions of Oral, Reproductive, and Adolescent and School Health.

Ms. Jenkins’s career began in 1992 as a research assistant with the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. Prior to coming to CDC, she held several public health positions in local, state, regional, private, and non-profit sectors. She was a senior relationship manager for WebMD, a program manager at the Emory University Regional Training Center, school health coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Georgia, and senior public health educator for the DeKalb County Board of Health.

Ms. Jenkins is an experienced public health professional with proven success leading and managing units, teams, and divisions. Her specific areas of expertise include leadership development and chronic disease prevention, which includes coordinated and comprehensive school health, reproductive health, sexual health, adolescent and women’s health. She is strongly committed to health promotion, disease prevention, and employee engagement.

Ms. Jenkins has an extensive background in managing budgets and developing health promotion and education programs and curricula for schools, community-based organizations, family planning centers, public health clinics, and universities.


She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California at Berkeley, a master’s degree in public health, with an emphasis in behavioral science and health education, from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, and she is a certified health education specialist.

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