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The 1918 Pandemic Flu event occurred more than 90 years ago. That outbreak is among the most memorable in the annals of public health history and is one of the touchstones for today’s public health preparedness initiatives. Because a pandemic flu outbreak touches the lives of so many people throughout the world, oral histories of the illness have often been shared among family members for many generations afterwards.

In fact, one of the highlights of the CDC Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications (CERC) training is the time allotted for participants to share their family’s pandemic flu story.

CDC is gathering these pandemic flu stories and making them available online for CERC trainers, public health professionals, and others.

The stories are formatted into an online, interactive “storybook” that includes photos and videos. If you have a pandemic flu story that you would like to share within the pages of the Pandemic Influenza Storybook, please complete one of the available forms and send it via mail, fax or email to, or complete the online form below.

Do You Have a Pan Flu Story to Share?
Online Story Submit Form
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Pandemic Influenza Storybook Project
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