PSR Toolkit

CDC has created the PSR Toolkit to help health officials and other public health professionals use the Prevention Status Reports (PSRs). The toolkit shows how the PSRs can help you increase the use of evidence-based, public health practices and improve health outcomes. The PSRs can be used to support public health planning, priority setting, and accreditation activities.

The PSR Toolkit consists of the following resources:

  • The Assessment and Planning Worksheetpdf icon[PDF – 3.4MB]  can help you identify areas of high performance, potential improvement areas, relevant contextual factors, and stakeholders for your assessment and planning journey.
  • The Public Health Accreditation and Prevention Status Reports (PSRs) Crosswalk  is a resource for health departments working to meet national accreditation standards and for departments considering the path to accreditation. The PSRs can play a valuable role in
    • Providing and highlighting federal data for consideration in data-driven efforts
    • Pinpointing opportunities for action
    • Exploring and developing new policies


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Page last reviewed: March 30, 2016