Field Assignee Information

From January through April 2017, eligible local health departments (LHDs) applied for CDC support through the LHD Initiative. CDC conducted visits to each LHD to gain an understanding of the needs at the local level, develop a tailored plan, and rapidly deploy field assignees. Field assignees are people with expertise in public health who are placed in the local health department to help respond to local needs regarding Zika virus infection.

As of January 2018, CDC placed field assignees in 28 jurisdictions (across 10 states, 3 territories, 1 freely associated state, and Washington DC).  The field assignees will help LHDs respond to Zika virus through August 2018. The selected LHDs are primarily in areas with high risk of local spread of Zika virus by mosquitoes and/or areas with a high number of people who traveled to where there is a risk of becoming infected with Zika virus. Field assignees

  • Conduct educational outreach to healthcare providers and community members,
  • Help with Zika virus testing and follow-up for mothers and infants,
  • Help collect public health data and report to the appropriate state health department or CDC, and
  • Connect families affected by Zika virus to resources and services.

The LHDs where field assignees have been placed are shown in the map below.

LHDI Map of locations

*As of January 2018

American Samoa: American Samoa Department of Health
Maricopa County Department (Dept.) of Public Health
CA: Alameda County Public Health Dept., County of San Diego Health and Human Services
DC: District of Columbia Dept. of Health
FL: Florida Dept. of Health-Orange County, Florida Dept. of Health-Palm Beach County, Florida Dept. of Health-Broward County, Florida Dept. of Health-Miami-Dade County (2)
FSM: Kosrae Dept. of Health Services
IL: Kane County Health Dept., Chicago Dept. of Public Health
LA: New Orleans Health Dept.
MS: Mississippi State Dept. of Health
NY: Metropolitan Area Regional Office in New Rochelle (New York State Dept. of Health), Congenital Malformations Registry in New Rochelle (New York State Dept. of Health), Suffolk County Dept. of Health Services
PR: Dept. of Health of Puerto Rico (4)
TX: City of El Paso Dept. of Public Health, City of Laredo Health Dept., Hidalgo County Health and Human Services Dept., Cameron County Public Health, City of Brownsville Public Health Dept., Corpus Christi-Nueces County Public Health District, Harris County Public Health
USVI: US Virgin Islands Dept. of Health
UT: Salt Lake County Health Dept.
VA: Fairfax County Health Dept.

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