Features from the Field

To highlight the impact of the LHD Initiative, the Features from the Field story series shares successes, lessons learned, and leading practices from the field assignees.

Features from the Field Brownsville

Brownsville, Texas: From Source of Information to Source Reduction: Brownsville’s Proactive Steps for Zika Prevention

In the City of Brownsville, the field assignee’s creative use of data, establishment of new partnerships, and recognition as a trusted source of information are helping to protect mothers and babies from Zika virus.

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Features from the Field Fairfax

Fairfax, Virginia: Creating Linkages in Care and Enhancing Collaboration in Fairfax County

When it comes to combating Zika virus in Fairfax County, Virginia, the health department is focusing on continuity of care, provider outreach, Zika virus testing, and patient education.

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Features from the Field Laredo

Laredo, Texas: Outreach and Education Lead to Increased Zika Reporting in Laredo

Due to the outreach efforts of the City of Laredo Health Department’s field assignee, Zika lab testing has increased within the jurisdiction.

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Features from the Field Orange County

Orange County, Florida: Bridging Gaps through Provider Outreach and Education in Orange County

At the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, public health professionals are working with hospitals, community organizations, and other stakeholders to spread awareness about Zika virus prevention, testing, and services.

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