PRC 5-Year Activities and Outputs, 2009–2014

This data covers the September 30, 2009–September 29, 2014 funding cycle using data collected from all 37 PRCs.

The PRC research products for this period include:

  • 165 books and book chapters.
  • 3,387 journal articles.
  • 3,277 conference presentations.

Prevention Research Centers are able to get extra funding (i.e., leverage) through special interest projects and other-funded research projects. Extra funding and support can increase the kind and type of research the PRCs can do. The mean dollars leveraged increased from $5.57 at the beginning to $8.60 at the end of the funding cycle in 2014.

Figure 1 graph shows the mean dollars leveraged from 2010-2014. Year 2010 =$5.57. Year 2011=$5.52. Year 2012=$6.92. Year 2013=$7.93. Year 2014=$8.60.

Publications and Presentations

The Prevention Research Centers’ professors and staff gave 3,277 conference presentations and published 165 books and book chapters and 3,387 journal articles (Figures 2-4) between 2010 and 2014. The number of publications and presentations indicates scientific contribution and productivity. The numbers in this section are only for the original product and do not include duplicate products with authors from more than one PRC.

Journal Articles

Figure 2 graph shows the number of journal articles published from 2010-2014. Year 2010=403. Year 2011=633. Year 2012=803. Year 2013=763. Year 2014=785.

Books/Book Chapters

Figure 3 graph shows the total number of books/book chapters published from 2010-2014. Year 2010=26. Year 2011=41. Year 2012=48. Year 2013=25. Year 2014=25.

Conference Presentations

Figure 4 graph shows the total number of conference presentations from 2010-2014. Year 2010=510. Year 2011=722. Year 2012=809. Year 2013=658. Year 2014=578.

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Strategies

The Prevention Research Centers’ research contributed to 875 policy, systems, and environmental strategies in the 2009-2014 funding phase.

Figure 5 graph shows the total number of policy systems and environmental changes from 2010-2014. Year 2010=72. Year 2011=162. Year 2012=203. Year 2013=203. Year 2014=235.


The Prevention Research Centers’ professors and staff trained 64,715 people during the 2009-2014 funding cycle. The total number of people trained includes: students mentored at PRCs and other people trained in formal PRC training programs.

Figure 6 graph shows the total number of people trained from 2010-2014. Year 2010=10,592. Year 2011=9,613. Year 2012=13,065. Year 2013=14,379. Year 2014=17,066.