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Deaf Weight Wise 2.0


Deaf people who use American Sign Language (ASL) comprise medically underserved language minority populations that have much in common with other language minority populations. Health research and public health surveillance often excludes deaf ASL users, so we know little about their health and health risks. No one knows the size of the population that uses ASL.  Estimates range from 100,000 to 1 million ASL users in the USA.

The overall goal of the Rochester Prevention Research Center’s (PRC) project, Deaf Weight Wise 2.0 (DWW 2.0), is to evaluate an evidenced-based healthy lifestyle intervention for deaf adult ASL users ages 21-40 with a randomized clinical trial.  First, the Rochester PRC will adapt the program for use with this population, and then the Rochester PRC will administer DWW 2.0 with individuals randomly assigned to participate in DWW 2.0 immediately or to wait one-year to participate in DWW 2.0. The Rochester PRC will also randomly assign participants to one of two approaches to deliver DWW 2.0, either locally via an in-person group or remotely as individual counseling via videophone (a telephone with a video display).  The videophone can connect evidence-based health promotion programs with individuals who do not have access to in-person health promotion programs.  The main goal of DWW 2.0 is to help deaf adult ASL users make healthy choices about their eating and exercise.


Project Identifier Deaf Weight Wise 2.0

Funding Source PRC Program

Project Status Active

Host Institution The University of Rochester

Health Topics Deaf and hard-of-hearing | Obesity & overweight | Nutrition | Physical activity

Research setting Community | Workplace

Race or ethnicity No specific focus

Gender Males and Females

Age group Young adults (18-24) | Adults (25-49 years)

Contact Information Center

Rochester Prevention Research Center: National Center for Deaf Health Research
University of Rochester
265 Crittenden Blvd.
CPU 420708
Rochester, NY 14642

Principal Investigator
Steven L. Barnett, MD

PRC Director
Steven Barnett
Phone: (585) 275-0560