PRAMS Data Portal

Work Directly With PRAMS Data

The PRAMS Data Portal has a PRAMS dataset for each year from 2000 – 2011. For any of these datasets, you can filter, export (a variety of file format are available), create custom visualizations, view associated metadata, and more.create custom visualizations, view associated metadata, and more. The PRAMS Data Portal also has a number of predefined filtered views available. Explore the PRAMS Data Portal.


Create custom filtered views of PRAMS data

Filtering data is basic to working directly with PRAMS data in the Data Portal. The three steps below show how to filter a PRAMS dataset. For example, to filter the 2010 PRAMS data set for Alcohol Use in Texas, select the menu option for the Location column and then select Texas for the filter for that column. Alcohol Use is in the Class ‘Maternal Behavior/Health’ so select it in step 2, and then select Alcohol Use in the topic column.

CDC PRAMStat data screenshot

Select a year and start working with PRAMS data for that year


Video Guides

The Data Portal has a series of online videos to help you learn about the basics on working directly with PRAMS data. View video guides.

Page last reviewed: June 14, 2018