CDC is updating webpages with the term "mpox" to reduce stigma and other issues associated with prior terminology. This change is aligned with the recent World Health Organization decision.

Non-Variola Orthopoxvirus and Mpox Virus Laboratory Testing Data

Due to the federal holiday, CDC’s mpox data for this page will not be updated the week of December 26, 2022. Updates will resume on January 5, 2023, on their regular schedule.

† Data from Laboratory Response Network laboratories and 4 commercial laboratories using the CDC non-variola orthopox assay, and one commercial laboratory using a non-variola orthopox and mpox multiplex assay. Data are updated every Thursday.

§ Positivity rate based on specimens tested, not patients. Most patients have multiple specimens tested. Positivity rate is calculated as (number of positive specimens)/(number of positive + negative specimens) per week. Results that are equivocal or inconclusive are not included.

¶ Total testing capacity, as described in press releases: May 26 – 6840; June 21 – 8,000; June 28 – 10,000; July 6 – 20,000; July 11 – 30,000; July 13 – 60,000; July 14 – 70,000; July 18 – 80,0001

* Partial reporting week

# Total includes all test results: equivocal, inconclusive, negative, positive.

Re-processing of data during the weeks 10/22/2022 and 10/29/2022 resulted in updates to the number of specimens tested and positivity rates during these weeks.