Taking Care of Your Emotional Well-Being

If you feel stress, grief, or anxiety during this time, you are not alone. Find ideas for what could help at HowRightNow

Many people are having a hard time coping during or after adverse events, like the COVID-19 pandemic. They may be grieving the loss of a loved one or dealing with stress from social isolation, financial problems, and upsetting news about the pandemic. For some people, these feelings are made worse by long-standing social problems, like racism.

Rates of emotional and behavioral health issues, such as depression, anxiety, substance use, domestic violence, and suicidal thoughts, have increased since early 2020.1-3 About 4 in 10 US adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in January 2021, 4 times the number who reported these symptoms in June 2019.4

How Right Now

How Right Now is a communications campaign designed to promote and strengthen the emotional well-being and resilience of people affected by stress, grief, and loss during the COVID-19 pandemic.

About How Right Now

How Right Now offers resources and support for people coping with a range of emotions, including:

Woman in natural light in front of a window

Many people have been feeling sad or lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conversations and Coping

If you are feeling any of the emotions above, talking with friends, neighbors, and loved ones can relieve stress and promote resilience. How Right Now also has tools you can use to start a conversation, including:


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