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Pakistan: Phenomenal Local Efforts To Eradicate PolioStory From a STOP Team Volunteer in the Field

Story From a STOP Team Volunteer in the Field

From my one afternoon of SNID (subnational immunization day) monitoring and from the others in my group who have many days exposure in this work, it's clear that many people here in Pakistan are making phenomenal efforts to eradicate polio. Just imagine in your own town if you were asked to knock on the door of every home and convince the parents to let you immunize all their children under age five for a disease that is now relatively uncommon.

Now imagine doing it for over 20 million children spread over an area larger than France in 100 degree weather for the grand sum of 80 rupees ($1.60)/day and having people refuse because they believe it's a surreptitious form of birth control — a not uncommon belief here. I'm sorry but I'm sure I'd drop out by the second day. It's expected that this will likely have to be done twice a year for the next two-three years here in Pakistan!"

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