This page lists programs related to pneumococcal disease prevention.

doctor giving vaccine to child in mother's lap

CDC: Childhood Immunization
Vaccination is one of the best ways parents can protect infants, children, and teens from 16 potentially harmful diseases. Vaccine-preventable diseases can be very serious, may require hospitalization, or even be deadly – especially in infants and young children.

mother, father, and daughter with immunization bandaids

CDC: Adult Immunization
You never outgrow the need for immunization. The specific vaccines you need as an adult are determined by factors such as your age, lifestyle, risk conditions, locations of travel, and previous vaccines.

doctor, mother, and baby

CDC: Provider Resources for Vaccine Conversations with Parents
Making time to talk with parents about vaccines during the well-child visit may be challenging. Here’s some help: CDC, AAP, and AAFP created these materials to help you assess parents’ needs, identify the role they want to play in making decisions for their child’s health, and then communication in ways that meet their needs.


NFID: Pneumococcal VaccinationExternal
The National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) offers ready-to-use resources to educate patients about pneumococcal disease.

Page last reviewed: September 6, 2017