Picture of America

The environment where we live, work, and play affects our health. People are exposed almost daily to health hazards from air, water, homes, food, and climate. Over the past several decades, our understanding of the connection between the environment and our health has grown tremendously. Picture of America: Our Health And Environment details major environmental health problems the country currently faces, providing a clearer understanding of the role of the environment in human health and the increasing need for better data to understand that role.

Members of the public can use Picture of America to make informed decisions to protect their health and the health of their families and communities.Picture of America can be a valuable resource for public health professionals and decision-makers. Knowing the leading environmental health issues enables leaders to prioritize resources and plan interventions and programs for maximum impact.

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Asthma is among the leading causes of hospitalization for children

Most poisonings of young children by pesticide exposure are accidental

Contaminated food consumed in the U.S. causes and estimated 48 million cases of acute illness each year

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