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Focused Continuity of Operations Planning (FCOOP): A Management Approach

PERLC: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Date: Tuesday, Aug 13, 2013

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm (Eastern Time)

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The need for continuity of operations plans (COOPs) has been well established and FEMA offers an outline for the general organization and content of COOPs. However, FEMA does not recommend an efficient process for the development and maintenance of workable and practical COOPs. The development of efficient and effective COOPs requires considerable strategic thinking, participation of key organizational personnel, and development of detailed time-specific implementation plans. During this webinar, presenters from the South Central Preparedness & Emergency Response Learning Center (SCPERLC) will discuss a process, known as Focused Continuity of Operations Planning (FCOOP) and how it can be a simple, structured, participative, efficient, and effective process for developing and maintaining COOPs.


Andrew C. Rucks, PhD
Department of Health Care Organization and Policy
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Peter M. Ginter, PhD, MBA
Department of Health Care Organization and Policy
Director of the Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Tanya Phillips
Preparedness Coordinator
Jackson County Health and Human Services

Presentation Objectives:

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate the critically of COOP for all types of organizations.
  • Describe the fundamental nature, structure, and process of COOP.
  • Introduce a streamlined approach to developing a FEMA compliant COOP.
  • Demonstrate how to develop a 90 percent complete COOP for an organization or agency in a one-day meeting of key personnel

Competencies and Capabilities:

This webinar addresses the following public health preparedness capabilities and preparedness and response core competencies:

  • Capability 1: Community Preparedness
  • Competency 1.3 – Facilitate collaboration with internal and external emergency response partners
  • Competency 3.3 – Participate in improving the organization’s capacities

For more information on the Focused Continuity of Operations Planning (FCOOP), please contact Will Bruer at