SDP Vocabulary Service

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Surveillance Data Platform Vocabulary Service (SDP-V). Developed and Hosted by CDC and the Surveillance Data Platform (SDP) ProgramReduces time to create data collection tools – Enables use of harmonized questions and response value setsProvides transparency across published content from multiple programs.  Users search for and reuse value sets and standards from PHIN VADS. Vocabulary Service provides a repository of Response Sets, Questions, Sections, and Surveys. Users have visibility on how each program has authored content. Users spend less time authoring Data Collection Instruments by reusing questions and response sets already in use by programs. Users integrate SDP-V content with other tools to perform mesage and data validation. Users can export SDP-V Surveys to Instrument Design Tools to finalize Data Collection Instruments for deployment. Vocabulary Service allows users to spend less time creating new data collection instruments and enables use of harmonized questions and response sets. Users are more effective in their work as they respond to public health events more efficiently.

Standardized and harmonized data collection instruments improve quality and save time.

To accelerate the data collection process for disease surveillance, the Surveillance Data Platform Vocabulary Service (SDP-V) enables public health professionals to generate data collection instruments from a repository of questions, response sets, and groupings of questions (called sections). It also provides visibility into which programs and surveillance systems are using this content.

Users can search for existing content that meets their own data collection needs. This enhances consistency by reducing the number of different ways that CDC asks for similar information, lowers reporting burden on partners, and allows users to spend more time in data analysis. When needed, users are also able to author their own content, either from scratch, or use existing content as a starting point.

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User Guide
User Guide

This document serves as a reference for users of the Surveillance Data Platform Vocabulary Service (SDP-V) on how to use the application. It also provides background and context on the intent of SDP-V, the types of content it contains, the various user roles, and the actions users are able to take depending on their role.

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