Wyoming: Using Trauma Registry Data To Improve Outcomes and Prevent Injuries

Wyoming consistently ranks among the top 10 worst states for rates of all injury-related deaths. Unintentional injury is the number one cause of death for Wyoming residents aged 1–44 years. Many injuries, occurring all too often in daily living, can be prevented, or their consequences reduced. The Wyoming Department of Health-Public Health Division used part of its 2014 Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant funding to help support the Wyoming Trauma Program (WTP). The WTP focuses on developing and improving the statewide trauma care system. In addition, the state used these funds to create the Wyoming Injury Prevention Program (WIPP).

Building on its 2014 program enhancements, Wyoming used part of its 2015 PHHS Block Grant funding to support the WTP’s Trauma Registry, which collects statewide data on the most severely injured patients treated in Wyoming’s hospitals. In addition, the state used PHHS Block Grant funds to commission an extensive review and inventory of the Trauma Registry data by an epidemiologist. The WTP is using this comprehensive data report to develop benchmarks for measuring clinical care of the trauma patient, assessing the performance of Wyoming’s trauma care system, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

The WTP manager informs health facility trauma coordinators about changes to the registry, teaches them how to ensure the information they submit is accurate and as useful as possible, and shows them how to use registry data to improve clinical care. Information about the most common injuries and injury patterns across the state also supports prevention efforts. The epidemiologist’s report and the Trauma Registry data are available to the WIPP and other stakeholders for use in developing prevention programs.

The usefulness of Wyoming’s injury data depends on the quality of information submitted by hospitals to the Trauma Registry. PHHS Block Grant funding helps the Public Health Division obtain accurate data so the WTP can continue to improve clinical outcomes and the WIPP can continue to help residents live safer lives.

Story year: 2015

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PHHS Block Grant funding helps the Wyoming Trauma Program and Wyoming Injury Prevention Program track injury-related data and use these data to analyze and prevent injuries.

Page last reviewed: April 17, 2018