Nebraska: Wellness Toolkit Helps Build a Healthier Workforce

In 2013, more than 100,000 Nebraskan adults were living with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. These health conditions typically change the quality of a person’s life, are expensive to manage, and can make working difficult. Since many people spend most of their day at work, employers can encourage healthy habits that can help people take fewer sick days and avoid developing chronic diseases. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) used a portion of its Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant funding to support development of the Nebraska Worksite Wellness Toolkit, which was designed to help businesses improve employee health.

The worksite wellness toolkit was created through a collaboration of health and wellness experts, health promotion specialists, and business representatives. This high-quality, evidence-based toolkit supports employers’ efforts to improve worksite wellness programs and teach employees about making smart, healthy choices—such as stopping tobacco use, choosing healthy foods, and finding ways to exercise during the day.

The toolkit connects businesses with valuable local and state resources for planning, implementing, or expanding worksite wellness programs. Participating in these programs helps employees stay healthy, prevent disease, and improve job attendance and performance. At the same time, the programs help businesses reduce the amount of money spent on employee healthcare. The toolkit is free and available both online and in print.

The 2013 NDHHS Worksite Wellness Survey Report shows a substantial increase in the number of Nebraska businesses that have wellness committees. The toolkit helped these businesses start or enhance their wellness programs with strategies that are proven to work. The toolkit continues to guide businesses in selecting strong worksite wellness strategies and in finding local and state resources to build healthier workforces and communities.

The NDHHS Toolkit can be found at:

Story year: 2015

Photo: The photo shows a woman pointing at the steps involved in the Nebraska Worksite Wellness Toolkit. The steps are 1) Start, 2) Build, 3) Assess, 4) Plan, 5) Implement and 6) Evaluate.

Nebraska used PHHS Block Grant funding to develop the Nebraska Worksite Wellness Toolkit.

Page last reviewed: April 17, 2018