Evaluation of the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant

Key Findings

PHHS Block Grant Key Findings Report

CDC assessments show that the PHHS Block Grant is supporting vital public health activities in recipients’ jurisdictions.

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CDC’s Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support is conducting an ongoing evaluation of the Public Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant Program. The evaluation assesses the grant’s value (i.e., its benefits and contributions) and describes and measures select outputs and outcomes, with the aim of strengthening performance and accountability. The evaluation assesses the grant as a whole—not individual recipient activities or outcomes. The evaluation seeks to answer two overarching questions:

  1. How does the PHHS Block Grant support recipients in addressing their jurisdictions’ prioritized public health needs related to Healthy People 2020 objectives?
  2. How does the PHHS Block Grant contribute toward the achievement of organizational-, systems-, and health-related outcomes?

CDC’s PHHS Block Grant Measurement Framework improves Block Grant outcome accountability by describing what recipients are achieving to meet their locally prioritized needs. View an article about the measurement framework in the American Journal of Evaluation: Improving Outcome Accountability of Block Grants: Lessons Learned From the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant Evaluationexternal icon [Abstract]external icon

The evaluation consists of several key activities, including implementing a measurement framework to assess recipient achievements, analyzing recipient allocation of funding to Healthy People 2020 objectives, and exploring the relationship between PHHS Block Grant funding and health outcomes.

Measurement Framework Graphic / Largest, Outer Circle: Results. Emerging needs addressed, Public health infrastructure improved, and Evidence-based public health practiced.  Outcomes of the grant resulting from successful use of PHHS Block Grant funds / Middle Circle: Use of Funds. Maintain existing public health efforts, Enhance or expand existing public  health efforts, Initiate new public health efforts, and Sustain or restore public health efforts. Grantees use PHHS Block Grant funds to address their prioritized public health needs. / Small, Center Circle: Flexibility. .... to address public health needs. Grantee' ability to identify, prioritize, and address their public health needs.

The Measurement Framework

A key component of the evaluation is the PHHS Block Grant Measurement Frameworkpdf icon[PDF – 581 KB]. The framework is an innovative measurement approach that allows for more standardized data collection and aggregation of the outputs, outcomes, and achievements of health departments using grant funds.

The framework consists of four key measures:

  1. Improvement in the capacity of information systems to collect data of public health importance
  2. Improvement in the efficiency or effectiveness of operations, programs, or services
  3. Emerging public health needs addressed
  4. Evidence-based public health interventions implemented
Page last reviewed: May 27, 2021