Block Grant Management Information System (BGMIS)

The Block Grant Management Information System (BGMIS) is a web-based, user-friendly system designed to capture and report on federal Preventive Health and Health Services (PHHS) Block Grant applications, also known as work plans, submitted by recipients each fiscal year.

Recipients are required to submit a work plan that—

  • Links award amounts to national Healthy People 2020 topic areas.
  • Describes state health objectives that are linked to the national health objectives.
  • Describes health problems.
  • Identifies target and disparately affected populations.
  • Describes program impact and outcome objectives.
  • Identifies the PHHS Block Grant’s role in funding health priorities.

PHHS Block Grant Legislation also requires recipients to be accountable for awarded funds by evaluating and reporting on program activities and health status indicators on a yearly basis. BGMIS enables states to complete an electronic annual report that includes this required information. In addition, BGMIS facilitates collaboration between CDC and PHHS Block Grant recipients in writing success stories that highlight the accomplishments of PHHS Block Grant recipients in a given state, territory, or local community. These stories showcase the importance of PHHS Block Grant dollars and can leverage additional resources from other funding sources, thereby extending the reach of the PHHSBG and supporting its overall public health mission.

The initial release of BGMIS was in October 2008, when it replaced the Grant Application and Reporting System (GARS). BGMIS will continue to be enhanced to streamline data collection and support national evaluation, monitoring, communication, and dissemination efforts for the PHHSBG.


CDC BGMIS Support: